At Chophouse we're more than just a restaurant, we want to teach you about what we love most, meat. Follow our Chop Stories to get a behind the bench look into Chop Life and what we call 'the family'. From our killer team all the way to our brilliant suppliers, we might even throw a favourite guest or two in the mix. Chop Chop.


Meet Our Meat Master

Scott Kim, aka Chef Kim, is the man behind the meat at Chophouse. He’s passionate about great food, the theatre that goes along with eating perfectly cooked meat and he can’t wait to welcome you to Chophouse Parramatta.


Chewing The Fat

Chef Kim considers himself a Dry Aged Rump Cap at heart and he’ll always reach for the beer with his beef, but if he was trapped on a desert island he wouldn’t be munching on meat, he’d be grabbing the watermelon with both hands.



A thick, juicy cut of prime beef, lightly seared to reveal an exterior crust of golden fat. A rich, robust red wine spiked with flavours of spice, smoked meat and blackcurrant. We’re talking scotch fillet and shiraz – a match made in culinary heaven.